Sullivan Solar solarizing Southern California

solarize campaigns

Sullivan Solar PowerSullivan Solar Power has had success in California communities with informal solarize campaigns.

The Southern California solar installer announced Friday that it closed its Yorba Linda promotion with 32 property owners committed to installing solar on their roofs. Sullivan offered Yorba Linda community members incentives based on the number of people in the city to sign on, with the biggest incentives going to the earliest adopters.

Sullivan will issue $65,000 in cash payments to its Yorba Linda customers, according to a press release about the program.  Sullivan offered a no-upfront payment solar leasing option to residents.

The average Yorba Linda Sullivan customer had an electric bill of $234 a month, according to the release. They are replacing that with an average monthly payment of $180 for their solar installations.

The 32 homeowners are collectively installing 180 kilowatts of solar. By concentrating on one community at a time, Sullivan is able to save money on overhead and offer better pricing and cash incentives.

“Our solar programs are designed in a manner that financially encourage the entire community to go solar,” said Dustin Urquhart, director of Orange County operations at Sullivan Solar Power, “The vision is to lead a solar energy revolution where we shift our dependence from foreign fossil fuels to renewable resources.”

The installer’s next project will focus on Mission Viejo, Calif. Sullivan is promoting solar to residents there with guaranteed cash-back incentives, again with the largest incentives going to the first customers in the city, Urquhart said. The program includes three incentive milestones and if the community reaches those, the cash-back incentives increase.

Mission Viejo is a bigger city than Yorba Linda, with nearly 100,000 residents. Sullivan is capping the number of program participants in its Mission Viejo promotion at 100 households.