Group pushes for Hollywood sign to go solar

What if the Hollywood sign was solar powered?

It just may be—if Solar the Sign, a non-profit group of sustainability activists, have anything to say about it. The group is proposing to light the iconic Hollywood sign with solar power in a bid to promote solar power on a global level.

Because the Hollywood sign is viewed, photographed, and seen daily by people from all walks of life and in all corners of the world, installing solar panels on the 450-foot sign would put solar energy in the world’s spotlight.

Solar the Sign advocates note it would be a powerful symbol of solar energy and a message to the world that solar energy is a real, viable solution to the energy crisis.

“The biggest challenge solar faces before it can go mainstream is that people need to be more aware about the benefits of solar,” said Deep Patel, CEO of Go Green Solar and technical advisor for Solar the Sign. “I have solar on my own home and have witnessed first-hand the benefits it brings not only to me personally, but to all the customers I help.”

In addition to displaying the usefulness of solar power, Solar the Sign activists hope a solar Hollywood sign would encourage youth to get involved in renewable energy jobs and inspire other communities to push for solar power on residents, businesses, and other famous landmarks.

“Linking solar panels to powerful symbols such as the Hollywood Sign will bring awareness of green energy to a level it has never seen before,” said Patel. “In a nut shell, I'm involved with Solar the Sign because it's more than a campaign to light the Hollywood Sign. It’s a community improvement project that puts solar in the spotlight.”

According to the group, upporters of the movement include Kevin Wall, the founder of Live Earth, Brooke Gardner Fedro of Andre Agassi’s foundation, Maria Menounos of Access Hollywood, Terry Nunn of the rock group Berlin, Brian Sirgutz, CEO of CauseCast, and T. H. Culhane of Solar CITIES.

You can join Solar the Sign in their efforts to light the Hollywood Sign by joining the group’s Facebook page or visiting their website for more information.