Silicon Solar Cell Manufacturer Receives $141 Million Federal Loan Guarantee

Sunvia Inc., a U.S. company based in Georgia is a manufacturer of high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells.  The company announced this week that it will receive a $141 million loan guarantee from the federal government to help build a factory in Michigan.

“The loan guarantee is essential for our efforts in building a second manufacturing plant in Michigan as quickly as possible, creating new clean-tech jobs for Americans and supporting the economy by substantially increasing the number of solar cells and modules available for export,” said John Baumstark, CEO and chairman of Sunvia.

Sunvia was also chosen as the “Renewable Energy Exporter of the Year” by the Export Import Bank of the U.S.  Last year, Sunvia exported more than 90% of its product to Asia and Europe.  “Sunvia is proud to be doing its part to help make President Obama’s vision of doubling exports over the next five years a reality,” said John Baumstark, “The Sunvia team is working hard to protect the environment and create new jobs for the next generation of Americans.”