Semprius Announces Most Efficient Commercially Available Solar

Semprius Announces Most Efficient Commercially Available Solar

Semprius hits record efficiencySemprius recently announced that it has achieved a new efficiency record of 35.5 percent using concentrated solar photovoltaic technology.  The announcement makes Semprius’ high concentration photovoltaic solar panels the most efficient commercially available and mass-produced panels in the world, according to a release from the company.

The achievement is particularly significant because the efficiency wasn’t achieved in a small-scale laboratory test.

“The record module was produced on the production line at Semprius’ new manufacturing facility, located in Henderson, N.C.,” according to the release. “The module incorporates standard production techniques and materials.”

Semprius uses epitaxial wafers supplied by partner Solar Junction. The smallest commercially available solar cells enable Semprius to employ state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques that increase overall panel efficiency.

“Our R&D team continues to raise the bar for solar module efficiency as it executes against our product roadmap,” said Scott Burroughs, Vice President of Technology at Semprius.  “We have an extensive program of efficiency improvements and cost reductions over the next several years that will allow us to continue to improve performance and drive down the cost of solar energy.”

Semprius also announced that it has achieved 37.1 percent efficiency in a demonstration module.

The company has deployed its sun-tracking HCPV modules in eight countries over the last 18 months.