New York Announces 100 Megawatt Solar Energy Project

New York Governor, David Patterson announced a clean energy project that will install 100 megawatts of solar energy production across the state by 2014. Governor Patterson stated at a press conference, "Today we are going to embark on an unprecedented clean energy initiative as we heighten to an extent never equaled before the amount of solar electricity produced right here in New York "

This plan is part of Paterson’s “45 by 15” project, dedicated to making sure 45 percent of the state’s energy comes from clean and renewable sources by 2015. Paterson said, the proposed increase in solar energy creates manufacturing, building and installation opportunities within the state.

According to the New York State office of the Governor, The New York Power Authority issued a request for proposals seeking a public-private partnership for the installation of up to 100 megawatts of photovoltaic(PV) systems across the State, including roof mounted and ground mounted solar arrays. Facilities will be installed at schools, public universities and colleges, state and local government facilities and municipal electric utilities. The NY office of the Governor goes on to state that this initiative will boost the State’s solar industry and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 45,000 tons per year. When fully installed, this project will be the largest solar initiative in State history and will generate the equivalent of powering 15,000 homes.