Envision releases portable EV charging station

portable solar-powered electric vehicle charging station

Envision releases portable EV charging stationEnvision Solar announced that it’s rolling out a new fully portable solar-powered electric vehicle charging station.

The EV ARC is a standalone charging station that doesn’t connect to the electric grid, needs no infrastructure and can be placed as a temporary structure in a parking lot without the need for a building permit in most communities.

“(This is) a paradigm shifting technology product which should appeal to anyone interested in rolling out EV chargers,” said Envision CEO Desmond Whaetley.

The EV ARC is designed to fit within the confines of a single standard parking space. The tracking solar panel mounted on the portable charging station will generate enough electricity during a day to charge electric vehicles until the sun sets when an onboard battery pack, also charged during the day will be available to provide around-the-clock vehicle charging without drawing any power from the grid.

“One of the main prerequisites to mass adoption of electric vehicles is having broadly dispersed and rapidly deployed charging stations,” Wheatley said.

Envision Solar has been known until now for its Solar Tree, a large tracking solar panel atop a concrete pillar that allows room for parking beneath it. The company has been working to modularize its Solar Tree over the last two years so it would be easier to ship and install, reducing expenses for the customer and making the process of buying and installing a Solar Tree more palatable to the major corporations that were most interested in the attractive design.

Wheatley announced earlier this year that Envision had managed to completely modularize its signature product and could begin marketing it abroad. There was no mention of new technologies in development until Envision made the announcement this month about its new EV ARC.

Wheatley said he anticipates a broad and responsive market for the new portable solar charging station.

“The fact that these units are installed in minutes and can be moved without disrupting the host site makes EV charger installation painless and available to anyone for the first time,” Wheatley said. “The EV ARC is ideal for any entity looking for rapid, hassle-free deployments of a charging infrastructure without all the challenges associated with conventional units.”