Arizona solar installer offers guarantee, no upfront costs

Solar Topps guarantees savings through solar lease program for businessesArizona-based Solar Topps LLC said it is offering its Arizona Zero-Money-Down Commercial Lease to businesses that want to install a 30-kilowatt or greater photovoltaic system in 30 Arizona cities and towns. And the company is guaranteeing customers that the system will produce about $6,000 worth of electricity annually and roughly $2,400 in annual energy cost-savings.

The figures are based on a system worth $127,000 and an electric bill of $500 a month or more. The lease for such a system would cost about $300 a month, resulting in $200 a month in savings, according to the company.

“We’re one of the only companies that offer a power production guarantee,” said Solar Topps Marketing Director Robert Hoskins.

The company uses modules built by Sharp, Sanyo and Trina Solar, which produce at or above their rated capacity, according to Hoskins.

The loans are strictly for commercial entities at this point.

“Not many small businesses can come up with $120,000,” Hoskins said. The company is able to offer the loans because it’s reduced the expense of installing solar. “The install-costs on a system Solar Topps offers is at $4 per watt or below.”

The company has offered the loans for nearly two years, according to Hoskins, but only now is it actively promoting them.

The arrays are designed to cover for the customer’s use of grid-supplied electric, according to Hoskins.

Customers producing enough electricity could even see some payback from the utility, but it’s not too likely, Hoskins said. If you’re paying 12 cents per kilowatt hour and making 6 cents back, it’s hard to get much back, he said.

Image courtesy of Solar Topps.