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Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV, Solar Hot Water Thermal
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In Business Since 1980
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JK Mechanical has over 35 years of experience installing solar panels in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Our solar panels are installed with structural security and a 25-year module performance warranty, and each panel has a 40+ year lifespan. Our professionals are dedicated to working with your family or business to ensure your long term investment in solar energy reaches full its potential. JK Mechanical offers residential and commercial solar PV systems that are affordable, convenient, and virtually maintenance free. Our Solar PV Process:● Individual PV cells initiate the process through absorption of solar energy ● Modules/panels made up of multiple cells share a mutual electrical connection ● Solar power from the module is produced as Direct Current Electricity “DC” ● Inverters capture the panel output and convert the “DC” power to Alternating Current “AC” power ● “DC” to “AC” conversion is necessary for U.S. homes and gadgets ● Regulators are used to prevent modules from being overcharged or under used With JK Mechanical, your home or business can: -- Instantly boost property value -- Reduce Co2 emissions -- Recieve a 30% Federal tax credit until 2016 -- Have direct control over electric consumption through Net-Metering -- Profit from creating more energy than you’re consuming -- Increase net savings; solar-generated costs are continuously decreasing -- Save on transportation costs by moving to a decentralized power source -- Choose from on & off grid functionality