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In late 1995, MacHighway co-founder Chris Graves was approached by friend-of-a-friend who had access to a high-quality Internet connection and was looking for an expert for this new 'Web' thing. Graves, who's studied computers and computer programming intensely since age 11, immediately signed on with the enthusiasm of a famished lion devouring a hapless gazelle. He bought a modem, got on his PowerMac 7200, scoured this new 'Web' entity and learned everything there was to know rather quickly.

He started with an idea for setting up an online database for real estate companies -- modest sites to aid realtors and buyers with up-to-date housing information -- but as the internet grew, Graves began to see an increasing demand for hosting web sites as well as a demand to cater specifically to Mac users. After a tumultuous beginning getting his business off the ground, Graves relied on his rather excellent networking skills and through a series of roundabout connections (metaphorically speaking, picture flying from Philadelphia to Miami with stops in Seattle and Honolulu) he managed to land customers like JVC, the giant electronics company, and case maker extraordinaire, CaseLogic. Thus, MacHighway was born in 1997. MacHighway has experienced consistent growth ever since. And, to Graves' pride, unlike other companies during the dot-com boom of the late 90's, MacHighway's growth was based on smart business planning, superior technical know-how and excellent customer service. Not because some venture capi alist had stacks of hundred dollar bills sitting on his kitchen table to burn.ANYway, MacHighway, achieving success, was able to move into custom-built office space just south of downtown Denver. Its layout now peppered with various odds and ends (think of your one quasi-sane packrat aunt that everyone has), including a "Macintosh Museum" exhibiting the first Mac (called, you guessed it, "Macintosh") bought back in 1984, a 3-D puzzle of Elvis' head and several "Think Different" posters featuring the visages of Picasso, Hitchcock and Thomas Edison. All of who would have undoubtedly been Mac users if they weren't dead. Contributing to MacHighway's success is the bringing on of employees who share Graves' vision of a quality web hosting for the Mac enthusiast, such as the 1999 hiring of Manager of Customer/Technical Support, Tyler Jacobson. A man who not only has superb Mac skills and an exemplary customer service background, but also a real cool diorama of one of the Hanson Brothers from the film "Slap Shot" sitting on a shelf underneath the Hitchcock poster.