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Eco-merica, Inc.
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Market Residential Properties

At Eco-merica, our top concern is helping our clients reduce their energy and resource consumption. We do this a number of ways, from reducing your electric bill with a custom solar array, or reducing the number of trees that are cut down for your next construction project by using bamboo flooring. We are the number one source in the nation for green building products and services.

We love efficiency and love helping our clients maximize their efficiency, typically saving them thousands of dollars along the way. Collectively, our work has saved over a million kWh and offset millions of pounds of CO2 emissions, making our clients' worlds a greener place in more ways than one.

Company History

Eco-merica was founded in 2008 by Russell & Michelle Hall, and Robert & Joan Denito with the goal of bringing affordable solar power to the mid-atlantic region. Construction of the first solar energy systems started in early 2009. Since then, Eco-merica has gone on to install thousands of solar panels in 3 states and counting. Eco-merica now serves both the Residential and Commercial markets with extensive experience developing projects of all sizes.

Since the beginning, the company founders have stressed the importance of efficiency in both the operation of the company, and in life in general. This obsession with conservation and minimizing resource consumption for the good of the planet has naturally led to Eco-merica's expansion into a broad range of products and services with the central focus of reducing our impact on the environment. In 2011, Eco-merica opened its flagship showroom, the Eco-merica Conservation Center, offering a wide range of eco-friendly and energy efficient products and services. With a team of specialists in the construction and engineering fields, Eco-merica is able to offer expert services in a variety of construction fields. As an experienced general contractor Eco-merica can manage any size green building project.

Since opening, the Eco-merica Conservation Center has grown to be a nationwide distribution source for green building products for homeowners, contractors, and architects. With the launch of the convenient online store in 2012, Eco-merica now offers a simple way for residential and commercial customers to source materials nationwide.

Company Operations

Eco-merica offers a wide variety of products and services including everything from custom designed solar energy systems, to custom tinting and application of non-toxic and zero-VOC paints, to full service general contracting. In order to offer such a wide variety of services, Eco-merica draws from both an extensive in house engineering and construction team, as well as a network of highly skilled independent partners. Together we bring decades of experience to the table to ensure your project gets done on time and under budget, your materials get delivered when you need them, or your questions get answered promptly and completely.