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Hicks Waterstoves And Solar Systems, Inc

Hicks Waterstoves And Solar Systems, Inc
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A cold water supply line goes to the outside waterstove. The pressure on the supply water lines forces water through the domestic hot water coil when you open a hot water faucet inside your home.As this water passes through the domestic hot water coi, it picks up the heat from the hot water which surrounds it.

A central heating system that is totally thermostat controlled. A system that is designed to work well with your existing hot air or Hydronic heating system, for complete comfort. A system for both homes and businesses, including garages, laundromats, shops, car washes, dairies, greenhouses, etc.The Hicks Waterstove is designed to save the most energy and provide the most comfortable heating available. It heats your home by heating a steel tank filled with water, which surrounds the firebox. This hot water is then circulated through insulated underground hot water pipes to a water coil inside your existing central duct system, The blower on your central unit is turned on by the thermostat control and forces the air across the hot coil sending hot air through your central duct system.