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Tri-State Solar Services, founded in 2015, is an LLC based in the heart of Rockland County, NY. Partners and owners Jonathan Di Dio and Matthew Sprake have a combined 12 years of knowledge in the solar industry. Our team never stops learning, both through experience and formal training, where we pursue the highest industry certifications. We aim to provide our community with extensive knowledge on solar and exceptional service.

At the moment, New York is in the middle of a solar boom, with state initiatives that not only encourages people to invest in solar, but makes it attainable. Providing service in New York and New Jersey, with options coming soon to conneticut. Looking to get solar on your roof but don't want to pay up front? We offer $0 down financing! Have some unused land that you're looking to make use of? We can mount the panels on your land. If your roof needs to be re-done we will also give you a brand new roof! If you have trees creating shading issues, we can trim or eliminate them.

How about a small business looking to make part their expenses fixed and benefit from the tax incentives? Along with having the system as a write-off for the business, there is lots of saving to be made on commercial electric. We have commercial plans available.

Our equipment consists of top-quality parts from trusted manufacturers. We have unmatched customer service and ongoing support. Our PV professionals are all NABCEP-Certified. Every deal through our company has a 25 year warranty with Tri-State Solar Services.

Our vision is that we are trying to build a solar company that people will not only buy into for the product they will get, but will also buy into it because of why we are doing it. As a solar company we want to impact society in a positive way that helps the environment in more ways than just saving money. We understand the current state of our ecosystem and the attention and care it needs in order to sustain life for years to come. Solar energy represented opportunity, innovation, and a chance to make a meaningful contribution to the well-being of the world.