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Solar thermal systems collect the sun’s energy and use it to heat water, which is used to produce space heat and/or domestic hot water. Solar thermal systems work year round and can lower your hot water bill an estimated 50% to 80%.

Quixotic Systems designs and engineers innovative solar energy systems for residential, commercial and non-profit clients. We thoroughly analyze a client's energy portfolio and their building’s infrastructure to determine what type of system is best: solar heating, solar hot water, solar electric and/or small wind. Next, we determine how to engineer that system to optimize performance and how to maximize its cost effectiveness, including an analysis of all available tax credits and rebates. Quixotic does not represent any equipment manufacturers and selects the best equipment for a client based on system design, availability and price. Quixotic specializes in projects that meet complex engineering and architectural challenges and is the partner of choice for New York area architects and engineering firms.