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Eastern Mountain Solar Corp.

Eastern Mountain Solar Corp.
300 Sedgwick Drive
Syracuse, NY 13203-1315
United States


43.0651579, -76.1302879

Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
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In Business Since 2008
Market Residential Properties

Integrating commercially available green products utilizing the latest technology is our goal. We believe that people are ready to invest into a renewable future as part of their whole life plan. The day of hybrid systems has arrived and is flourishing in the world of architecture and modern living.

A plan of PV, thermal, geo thermal along with green space planning is the ultimate edge that we need to thrive in a culture of a sustainable earth friendly existence. A contemporary design or a building makeover that includes a better plan for cleaner air produced by trees, plants and light, while introducing new technology as the core power and thermal centers of comfort. Solar made simple! A goal of not just talking about it but taking action and making short and long term initiatives towards net zero . “What is your plan?” Comes to mind that we need to be looking at what we can achieve on our budgets that will in fact give us a measurable payback and help our environment. If you don’t start a project, you will never get a payback.