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Renewable solar energy is a great way to power your home or business!  If you live in Albany, Greene County, Columbia County, or the Capital Region, we are your solar installer.  At D&M Alternative Energy we specialize in installing solar panels for residential or commercial customers.  You can completely power your home or business with solar electricity!  If you are ready to go green we can help you acheive your goals.  With a solar powered home or business you will drastically lower or possibly even eliminate your electric bill. 

Solar electric or photovoltaic (fo-toe-vole-tay-ick), often abbreviated as PV is a technology that converts sunlight into DC (direct current) electricity.  DC electricity then can be used to directly power appliances such as fans and water pumps as well be inverted into AC for use throughout your home or buisness. PV systems are made up of many non-moving components The solar cell is the building block of the system.  It is made up of semi-conductor materials.  When sunlight is absorbed by the solar cell these semi-conductors produce an electric voltage.  That is then transfered through the circuitry on the semi-conductor.  The circuitry on the cell can be seen, it is the tiny "wires" you see when you look at a cell.  A solar module is simply a collection of solar cells wired together and housed in one single unit to meet the specifications of specfic applications.A PV array is a group of solar modules wired together.  The number of modules in an array varies with each application.  One array may consist of 2 modules while another may consist of 14 modules.  A single application may have multiple arrays to meet the requirements of that particular application.