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Soltage is a full service renewable energy company that develops and operates solar energy stations on client sites across the USA. Using proven technology and on-site generation, Soltage can supply a significant portion of client long-term energy needs at a cost below retail rates.


Soltage appreciates that each business is unique. We work closely with our clients to analyze and understand their business model and building use practices. With each client, we conduct a free detailed energy use profile before tailoring a Soltage™ PowerStation to achieve the greatest long-term savings.

1. Scope

Soltage professionals conduct an in-depth analysis of electrical demand, structural parameters, weather conditions and solar resources to design a system optimized for long-term electricity production.

2. Engineer

Soltage engineers customize a Soltage™ PowerStation with a 40+ year design life that fits within the parameters of the client site, structure and energy use profile.

3. Procure

Soltage works with leading manufacturers of solar modules, inverters, and other high quality equipment used in the assembly of the PowerStation.

4. Stage

Soltage coordinates with local municipalities and utilities to streamline permitting and utility interconnection processes.

5. Install

Installation of the Soltage™ PowerStation takes an average of six weeks and ensures no interruption in your power supply.

6. Activate

Soltage teams with your media department to share your environmental and business leadership with the public when the system goes online.

7. Start Saving

See your savings accrue online and on your monthly bills.

8. Maintain

Soltage maintenance staff are connected to every PowerStation in real-time - monitoring and maintaining systems to ensure peak power production over the lifetime of the Soltage™ Service relationship.