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We specialize in manufacturing concentrating solar thermal collectors.  We use fresnel lenses and precise solar tracking to concentrate the sunlight on  small  absorbing areas inside the collector from which the water passes and become hot. The key point of this technology is that we can achieve much higher temperatures with less energy losses

The base that is used for turning the collector to the sun, can be used for any  other types of solar collectors , like photovoltaic panels e.t.c. This way with a fraction of the cost of the panels one can have up to 50% more energy absorption.For the first time in solar collector’s history, our solar collectors come with specially designed digital display that shows in real time the performance of the solar collector. So the users can be sure if  the system produces  what has promised. . In order to achieve even more economy we offer  clever thermostats  for  space  heating or cooling or any other  application.  This thermostats alone can reduce the fuel consumption at least 30%.