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Lighthouse Solar - Jersey Shore

Lighthouse Solar - Jersey Shore
200 Delaware Avenue
Roebling, NJ 08554
United States


40.1153, -74.7897

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Market Residential Properties

The New Jersey solar market has been emerging as a national leader. Lighthouse Solar Jersey Shore is proudly servicing the Central and Southern areas of New Jersey. With our unmatched customer service, professional approach and reliable work, Lighthouse Solar is a leading solar installer nationwide.

At Lighthouse Solar, our goal is to make solar energy systems an affordable option for homeowners and business owners. Our competitive pricing coupled with our financing options make solar more affordable than ever.We are dedicated to providing the best products for your system installation. Our new frameless LSX modules have made solar not only affordable but also aesthetically pleasing. These new minimalist panels appear to be pieces of glass floating just above your roof. The new LSX system gives your home a contemporary and sleek finish while still providing you with high performance power.