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Solar power generates free, green, clean, sustainable solar electricity that is economically practical for all residential and commercial applications. Think about being able to power electric appliances, residence and commercial buildings from a source of renewable energy, the basis of future innovative technology. Solar energy as an alternative way to offset energy needs is currently being employed everywhere in the nation and accrues popularity each year as its efficiency and affordability are widely being recognized.

We design and install complete, roof-mounted grid-tied solar electric systems for homeowners and businesses, providing our customers with a premium system to reduce your electric bill and maximize your return on solar power investment. GreenTech Solar is committed to taking responsibility for the entire project and ensuring that the solar system is operating at high efficiency. Each installed system comes with a warranty, which guarantees timely replacements and/or repairs upon request. Our solar electric system design, installation and maintenance include the following worry-free services: Save loads on utility each month and stop worrying about fluctuating energy costs in the future. Help keep the earth green by investing in the free energy provided by Mother Nature today. Green energy is only solution to deliver renewable energy to our community and reduce the impact on climate change.