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Green Solar Solutions was created specifically to address the growing need for clean, renewable energy sources. Founder Bobby Rhodes is a licensed building contractor and a Lake County native who is an innovator in terms of bringing renewable energy solutions to the Central Florida area. From whole house water efficiency systems to H-VAC indoor air quality control to geothermal heating and cooling units, we provide individualized energy saving solutions for our clients.

One of our most popular innovations is Photovoltaic (PV) technology, which utilizes rooftop and ground-mounted panels to provide power. Enough killowatts can be generated to drastically reduce and oftentimes eliminate local utility bills. With this technology, existing homes can be retrofitted or we can build systems from the ground up with a customized Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) system. Another unique offering that we provide is retrofitting golf carts with solar power. It's a way to go green on and off the green.

For more information about Green Solar Solutions you can read a recent article published in Lake Magazine, "Going Green Saves Consumers Some Green."

Bobby Rhodes has earned certifications from or is a member of these respected green organizations:
• Certified Green Professional
• Florida Green Building Coalition
• Central Florida Chapter of the United States Green Building Council