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The general concept of producing "clean energy", or "green energy", is fairly simple and straight forward, although the technology behind it is anything but. Green Horizon Energy, LLC (GHE) are using the latest Photo-Voltaic (PV) technology, with newly developed site construction and instulation techniques, that will dramaticly reduce the costs experienced in bulding these kinds of facilities. The goal of this approach is to convert simple,

natural sunlight into pure electricity without any residual effects such as toxic chemicals, or greenhouse gasses. The key to breaking the cycles that create enduring effects is not in the generation ofGreen Horizon Energy LLC is a renewable energy company that is dedicated to providivg its clients with the most advanced clean energy technology on the market.At Green Horizon Energy LLC we are committed to co-creating a culture of sustainability. To us, this means conducting our personal and business relationships in the most respectful and mutually beneficial manner achievable. To you, this means we are committed to quality in everything we do. As a trusted resource to our customers, we add value that helps them continue to be soccessful, as they help move their respective stakeholders toward success - in their own terms.Choose Your Own Path As a full service team we specialize in serving commercial, municipal, institutional, agricultural, recreational, and utility customers. In order to optimize your investment, financial services are in place to provide Strategic Incentive Management Plans to maximize your incentives,Lease Agreements that allow you to own your system over time, or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to eliminate a large initial investment and stabilize your energy costs for years going forward.Our Solar Energy Team has worked around the country for 15 years and has field leading knowledge, insight, and creativity in the Solar Energy industry. We work closely with each client, finding the best solutions that meet their current needs while building a brighter future. We can design a system to zero out your electric bill.Rudy DiCicco - President and CEO of Green Horizon Energy & USA Electrical Construction  Inc. 37 Years in Electrical & Technology field Started USA Electrical Construction, Inc. in 1979 (32 years in operation)Licensed Electrical Contractor since 1979 40 Hours OSHA Training Member of NECA IBEW contractor Ron Frei -  Vice President and Design Engineer Our Solar Division Leader has work d around the country for 8 years and has remarkable knowledge, insight, and creativity in the Solar Energy space. Living for several years on the west coast, Ron is ahead of mostof the east coast solar providers in both solar design strategies and implementation experience. Driven by a desire for a bette future for his younger family and people in general, Ron is passionate about clean, renewable energy.