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Geoscape Solar
160 South Livingston Ave, Suite 113
Livingston, , NJ 07039
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Since Geoscape Solar was founded, the company has grown into one of the leading solar companies in New Jersey. Geoscape Solar has designed and installed solar projects ranging from small residential systems to large commercial projects with more than 4,000 solar panels.  Along the way, customers have recognized that Geoscape Solar is not your typical solar company - and we like it that way!Solar power can benefit any type of building:  residential, commerical or non-profit.By switching to clean solar energy:

can lower their electric bills, earn New Jersey SREC certificates and take advantage of powerful solar tax incentives.  Showing a commitment to the environment and lowering your electrcity cost has been shown to increase the value of your home. will see a strong ROI on their solar power investment, especially with the available NJ solar power incentives.  Commercial solar customers can reduce their energy costs and see double-digit returns from their solar energy investment.  Equally important, business solar customers can benefit from the positive messaging associated with being environmentally conscious and choosing clean, renewable solar power for their enterprise.Geoscape Solar is a New Jersey based solar energy company specializing in the installation of solar panels in residential, commercial, non-profit, and community solar power projects.  Solar is not a side business.  Geoscape Solar was created from the ground up to be a great solar company.  There is a difference in NJ solar installers.