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Alternative Energy Associates
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Alternative Energy Associates designs and installs renewable energy systems for residential and commercial applications. Our mission is to provide our clients with renewable energy systems designed to best suit their energy use needs and property conditions.

These systems are installed by a highly skilled certified professional team to meet and exceed industry standards and state regulations. We committed to the goal of creating a new global paradigm for energy use.

Alternative Energy Associates focuses it’s attention on each step listed below providing both our customers and ourselves with a clear guide to track a project’s growth, maturation and successful completion.
We measure success in moving toward a more sustainable energy future one project—and one step—at a time.

Step 1: SITE ASSESSMENT: It all begins with understanding the possibilities and limitations of your particular site.
Step 2: PROJECT PROPOSAL: We then move on to specific products, costs and timelines.
Step 3: PERMITTING AND PAPERWORK: Before work begins, it’s time to cross every “T” and dot every “I”.
Step 4: ENGINEERING AND DESIGN: The step that sets Alternative Energy Associates head and shoulders above the rest.
Step 5: PRODUCT PROCUREMENT: Often overlooked: specifying product orders, knowing lead times and getting everything site-ready.
Step 6: INSTALLATION: Get your camera and stand clear: professionals at work.
Step 7 – PROJECT CLOSE OUT: We’re not done until you understand every aspect of your renewable installation.

Alternative Energy Associates will continue to work with you far into the future to maintain your system making sure your system continues to provide optimal return on your investment.