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Las Vegas, NV 89103
United States


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Sol-Up was proudly founded in 2009 by Frank Rieger. It was with pure enthusiasm that Mr. Rieger came to the Las Vegas area to start this solar power company from his homeland of Germany. He saw the potential for solar in this area and created Sol-Up.

Sol-Up distinguishes itself from other companies because it offers more than simple installations. Sol-Up is the only solar power company in the area to have a showroom where potential clients can come and see solar panels and technologies up close to learn about their potential benefits.

Additionally, Sol-Up partners itself with only the best companies in the field for supplies. This means that when you have Sol-Up install your solar panels, you are getting all of the latest technologies and hardware. Sol-Up firmly believes that their partners must exceed all of the industry standards so that Sol-Up customers receive the best on the market.

Sol-Up is committed to making the west coast the solar power capital of the world. We envision the city of lights being run off of clean solar energy. This would be a magnificent example to all other areas of the world.

Solar power is by far the safest and most environmentally friendly power generation in the world. Solar power does not create toxic by-products when generating power, it does not require the environment to be damaged to attain, and it does not need to be imported. Because solar power is so beneficial to people and the environment, Sol-Up will continue to strive to make Nevada, California, and the surrounding area a solar power generated community.