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Our founders bring over 25 years of experience serving the Las Vegas Valley. Our Energy Consultants are highly trained to be able to evaluate your home or business and provide cost effective solutions to increase energy efficiency, install solar electric panels and solar water heaters, as well as perform HVAC air conditioning repairs.Our business is built on a foundation of honesty, integrity and trust in our dealings with suppliers, employees and most of all – our customers. You can trust us to do your job in a professional manner, on time and on budget.Service 1st Energy Solutions is a Resnet, HERS, BPI, Energy Star Partner and Energy Fit certified contractor.

Using solar electric panel technology (also known as Solar PV, short for Solar Photovoltaics) is like having your own personal power plant that generates most – if not all – the electricity your Las Vegas home or office needs. All you pay is NV Energy’s basic connection fee! If your home or office generates more power than can be used, you are eligible to receive a credit on your monthly bill that reduces your out-of-pocket monthly expense to a tiny fraction of what you’re paying now.There will be days when your Las Vegas home or business generates more power than it uses. NV Energy will automatically give you credits for the excess energy from your system’s net-meter. When you need power from the grid at night, your accumulated credits are used before you are billed. This “net zero” set up will effectively reduce your monthly out-of-pocket cost to the $9 minimum connection fee from NV Energy. As an added bonus, that green power goes back into our local grid reducing the entire city’s need for fossil fuel-derived power.