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Missouri Sun Solar


Missouri Sun Solar
6724 S. Highway 63
Houston, MO 65483
United States


37.298133, -91.9649589

Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
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Solar power efficiency in Missouri is some of the best in the nation. This means that if you live in Missouri, you're in prime position to take advantage of this technology and eliminate your electric bill

That's right, Missouri is ranked as the #4 state in the United States for solar power. No that's not #4 out of the states in the midwest. That's #4 out of all 50. Why is it ranked so highly and who's doing the ranking? This isn't some number that we came up with.It was actually determined by Professor Matt Croucher from Arizona State University. He did a study that eventually lead to the Optimal Deployment of Solar Index. This index ranked the states based on how efficiently solar energy could be implemented for residents of a state.This index is based on information like the ability to generate a large amount of solar power based on average sunlight. It also takes into consideration the number of solar panels that are being purchased in a state and the cost of installation