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Microgid Energy
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Microgrid Energy is a leading energy solutions provider, offering comprehensive consulting and contracting services that help companies meet their energy performance goals. From turnkey solar installation to energy performance planning, we offer the highest level of service and results.

Microgrid is the leading Midwest comprehensive building energy services provider, with a focus on renewable energy and efficiency, as an installing contractor, and as a consultant to businesses, nonprofits, and local governments. We have built a reputation for consistently delivering a high level of professionalism and expertise.The term “microgrid” is used in two senses – as a technical term describing a campus or area which has the ability to operate independently from the rest of the Grid – and in the more loose sense signifying the general shift to greater independence from the grid through increased efficiency and onsite power generation. Our company understands what we do to be a part of a paradigm shift, moving from centralized, fossil fuel based power generation, to a more distributed, clean fuel based system, where power is created where it is used. This is an exciting time for the energy industry as we move rapidly towards a cleaner, more reliant, more secure, and more environmentally sustainable future. Microgrid has adopted the SEIA Code of Ethics as a basic premise that governs how we conduct business. SEIA Code of Ethics v. 3.22.10 As a member organization of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), we are committed to protecting the rights of businesses, consumers and users of solar energy systems. We are dedicated to providing safe and effective products, accurate information, and reliable services.