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Young American company which is called Solyndra (from the English words “sunny” and “cylinder”) has developed and brought to market a new type of photovoltaic cells (solar cells). On assurances of the founders, their product is easier and cheaper to install and delivers more energy in the network.

We talked about the achievements in this field: the world record for silicon solar cell efficiency – 42,8%, organic solar cells – 11,1%, flexible solar converters – 17,7%. At the same time, record conversion efficiency of sunlight in the current supplied to the network, – 31,25%.Unlike standard solar panels, which are made from large flat items, the new converters are made in the form of cylinders.Thin film of semiconductor material (based on copper, indium, gallium and selenium) is applied to the glass tube. Then it is placed in the second the same tube with electrical contacts, similar to those used in fluorescent lamps.This form allows you to increase the amount of absorbed light (and hence power) during the day without changing the design of the batteries.