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42.6046603, -85.6229296

Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
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Market Residential Properties

Solar Winds Power Systems is Michigan's Premier Provider of Solar Electric, Hot Water, Hot Air Systems for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications. SWPS is dedicated to provide products that are made in the United States, with in-state and local considerations as top priority.  We take our responsibility to our customers and the environment very seriously and are devoted to “being there”  for our customers and crews at every step of the project.

Solar Winds Power Systems (SWPS) believes that Renewable Energy (RE) is a necessary component in energy production for the United States to achieve energy independence. As self described lifelong advocates of RE use, the staff of SWPS are in constant pursuit of improving our community and the country's positions of lessening the use of traditional power generation while preserving modern lifestyles with "green" alternative power technology one step at a time. Our interest, passion, experience and education in RE started in the 1970's when Alternative Energy was identified as being important for our ecological and financial stability . As dedicated teachers and lifelong learners in the RE field, we are excited to report that this philosophy still applies thirty years from when our journey began!