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Mechanical Energy Systems Inc., is on a mission to bring alternative energy to homeowners, business owners and the general public. Faced with rapidly escalating energy costs and an uncertain energy future, it makes sense for all of us to promote conservation and renewable energy options. With our quality, reliable technology and years of experience and professionalism, MES is bringing solar and renewable energy to Michigan and beyond.

Regardless of where you are in your “energy journey,” MES and The Solar Specialist, a division of MES, can guide and help you minimize your energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint. Use this website to take a peek at some of the many solar applications that can help you form an energy plan. You will find that renewable energy products are cost effective, reliable and make dollars and sense for your family or business. We look forward to exploring your energy options with you, call us today to plug into the sun and save.


Donna Napolitano, CEO and co-founder of Mechanical Energy Systems, Inc. has always been a primary mover and promoter of alternative energy systems in the state of Michigan, since 1982.

Respected in her field, Donna is a highly sought speaker at renewable energy events and has appeared at conferences throughout the United States. Donna has also appeared on multiple television programs and can often be heard over the airwaves promoting the virtues of solar energy particular to the Midwest. Donna and her husband Joe have installed and serviced thousands of systems and are fast becoming the largest distributors and trainers of solar applications in Michigan.