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RES provides custom design and installation for each individual job to make sure the best possible system is used to maximize output. DHW systems easily tie into your existing system which will then become the backup In cases where the existing system is due for replacement or in new construction, a solar duel coil tank is used that saves money on installation and overall cost.

RES may be able to tie into your existing system and/or easily integrate a radiant loop heating your floors.

Space Heating is often coupled with a Domestic Hot Water Installation. When installing solar at your home, it's a great idea to consider using a DHW and Space Heating System together to produce over 45% of your utility bill.

Pool Heating

Pool Heating with solar is a very popular, inexpensive, and green way to heat your pool or hot tub. Pool heating collectors are very effective at circulating the water from your pool, through the collectors, heating up the water, and returning it to your pool creating a warm and luxurious experience for your family and guests.

Pool heating can also be accomplished when installing a Domestic Hot Water or Space Heating System. The Solar heated Water from the DHW collectors will easily supply all of your summer hot water needs at your faucet, as well as heating your pool to any desired temperature.