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New Day Energy
New Day Energy 13 Foster Ln.
Kingston, MA 02364
United States

42.0019502, -70.7292385

Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv
KW's Installed: 0
residential properties

New Day Energy provides renewable energy solutions for the New England Region including Solar PV and Thermal, Auto pellet boilers, wind from 300w to 250kW and hydrogen applications for transportation. All of us at New Day Energy are dedicated to the proposition that living responsibly sets us free.Our hope is to provide each of you with the opportunity to move forward to true household energy independence in the most efficient and cost effective method.In addition to the traditional alternatives of Wind and Solar we are pleased to be bringing to market patented oxy-hydrogen technology and appliances that have a significant impact upon our personal and commercial transportation costs as well as our dependence upon oil for heat.

We currently are deploying dual fuel generation systems in passenger cars, shuttle size buses, tour buses and short and long haul tractor trailers providing savings in fuel used that ranges from 15 to 25%. This savings comes at a time when saving $6-800.00 a month in fuel costs for each truck a company operates is a huge boost to their bottom line. In our pursuit of the second half of our goal we have decided to focus on heating and cooling homes without producing CO2 or it's deadly companion CO (carbon monoxide).We realize for many this may be done in stages-due to our individual financial abilities. We are working hard to make available to you, through links on our site, listings of State and Federal programs intended to support the growth of Renewable Alternative Energy in an effort to encourage you to provide yourself with the greatest amount of energy independence possible!Additional links to specific financial institutions focused on expanding the use of Renewable Alternative Energy will be added as they become available, so I encourage you to keep looking, keep asking questions and remember-each step you take towards your household energy independence is bringing you closer to living in the fruits of that independence.