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Munro Distributing Co. Inc.

Munro Distributing Co. Inc.
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Munro Distributing Company Inc. is a forward-thinking, privately held corporation with locations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, and California. For over six decades, and three generations, Munro has leveraged its experience and buying power to deliver quality products and value-add services. Munro has provided energy efficiency solutions for thousands of projects, including some of the nation's largest LEED initiatives. We have also supplied nearly one million square feet of residential, commercial and municipal rooftops with solar arrays.

Munro Distributing Company is a forward-thinking purveyor of electrical, conservation and renewable energy solutions. For 6 decades and 3 generations we have leveraged our expertise, buying power and value-add philosophy to deliver exceptional products and services to our National Account, Contractor, ESCO and Utility patrons nationwide.  Stoughton, MA - Boston Interiors selected OSRAM SYLVANIA's ULTRA High Performance Series PAR38 LED retrofit lamps to replace the existing 60-watt halogen lamps throughout the store.  As a result of the retrofit to LED lighting, Boston Interiors will save over $8,000 annually in energy and maintenance costs at its Stoughton store. Over the lifetime of the lamps, the savings will total nearly $100,000 over approximately 12 years. In addition to the energy and maintenance savings, Boston Interiors has also noticed savings in cooling the Stoughton store. Because OSRAM SYLVANIA's LED lamps produce far less heat than halogen lamps, Boston Interiors has not needed to rely on its HVAC system quite as much since the LED lighting was installed.  In addition to cost savings, the LED lighting has enabled Boston Interiors to reduce its carbon footprint, as the company is committed to green initiatives. The retrofit is a major contributor in helping reduce the store's energy consumption by 48,315 kilowatt hours (kWh), the equivalent of 74,163 Pounds of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). With the success of this installation, Boston Interiors is now planning to retrofit its Hanover and Saugus stores in the coming months, further expanding its cost and environmental savings across multiple store locations.