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LittleFoot Energy.

LittleFoot Energy, Inc.
240A Elm St, 3rd Floor
Somerville, MA 02144
United States


42.3950631, -71.1217805

Types Of Energy Installed solar hot water thermal
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Market Residential Properties

LittleFoot Energy Corporation is a Massachusetts based company founded with the mission of helping companies and building owners prioritize, monetize, fund, and implement a broad range of energy projects that reduce dependency on fossil fuels, increase the bottom line, and position for a strengthened competitive future.

 LittleFoot Energy specializes in heating, cooling and electricity projects that combine energy efficiency measures with renewable energy sources - creating hybrid systems that save energy and reduce carbon footprint.

  • LittleFoot Energy provides a holistic solution for your business, based on both your financial & sustainability goals. We are committed to addressing the specific heating, cooling & electricity challenges you face in your facility or manufacturing process.

  • If your business has thought about sustainability, but isn’t sure how or where to start, LittleFoot Energy’s OnTrack ChallengeTM is the perfect way for your business to jumpstart a renewable-energy initiative.

In times like these, people look to their leaders for guidance and inspiration. Going green will save you money as well as help stabilize your energy costs over the long term. And by switching to clean, renewable energy, you will be a forerunner in your community and on the road to our planet’s future.