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Sunlink Solar, Llc

Sunlink Solar, Llc
1014 W Columbia St
Somerset, KY 42503
United States


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Sunlink Solar, LLC was formed as a result of the desire to use the natural resource of the sun, along with the technology of photovoltaics to take twenty-four hour electricity to second and third world countries around the globe. We want to be a part of helping others  to experience what we often take for granted here in the United States of America, easy access to electricity, heat and hot water.  As Carol and Eugene Rogers traveled the world they saw that unlike the USA, many other parts of the world do not have what we consider a minimum necessity in regards to power.

For instance, in Nigeria, Africa power is so unreliable that in 110 degree F Temperatures they don't have the convenience of a fan to cool them or a refridgerator to keep a cold drink or food available. As this company grows, it is our goal to take this technology to places where it will help make life better for everyone who lives there. There are many needs all over the world that can be supported much more easily by bringing the power of solar energy to everyone's communities.We are a woman owned and operated company based in South-Central Kentucky where we too are using solar energy to power our home and heat our water.  Please join with us in this effort to not only reduce our carbon footprint, but to make life better all over the world through the use of the free energy that comes up every morning, the sun. Let us help you go solar !We currently offer sales and installation thoughout Kentucky and Tennessee. We will be happy to quote your job for you. We are also interested in helping you reduce your overall electric usage. Therefore, we recomend having an energy audit done on your home, business or commercial building. We can perform this service for you or point you in the right direction to having it done quickly and efficiently.