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Earthwell Energy Management, Inc. - Bowling Green
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Earthwell can provide comprehensive point by point lighting calculations for predicting lighting system performance and for comparing multiple lighting systems for any application. Not only can you review the “numbers”, our software will allow you to incorporate accurate visualization into your everyday lighting design.

As one of the first and largest energy service providers in the region, Earthwell has developed strong business relationships with both international manufacturers and local distribution. We continuously monitor the lighting industry for new product developments and the most competitive sources of suppliers to maximize our customers savings yet provide the highest quality of lighting.Whether you have simple connection needs or complex power system requirements, the Earthwell team has the solution. As a Full Energy Solutions Company and Electrical Contractor, there may be several ways to address the situation.  Our team of solution engineers, designers and CAD operators are committed to finding the best solution for you at the best possible value.The Energy Right Solutions for Business (ERSB) program offers commercial customers varying levels of facility energy assessments, to help them make informed energy-saving investment decisions. ERSB also offers financial assistance (rebates) for projects that help reduce power use. These incentives can help shorten project payback periods and are offered through local power distributors and the TVA’s Preferred Partners. Energy efficiency is an important part of TVA’s Vision for continuing to meet demand in the Tennessee Valley, while also working to stay flexible and keep rates low.