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Woodstar Energy Llc

Woodstar Energy Llc
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In 2007, Woodstar Energy LLC started as 513 Alert LLC. After some heavy storms that summer and a nasty basement flood I came up with the idea of 513 Alert. Pulling from my background in construction and corporate network security, I worked to create the 513 Alert Sump Pump Sensor and Auto Dialer. Using reliable technologies, it monitors sump pumps and plays a pre-recorded message to 5 phone numbers up to 5 times.

Soon after releasing this product, we branched into the complementary markets of battery backup and standby backup generator installation. As an Eagle Scout, I have always been passionate about emergency preparedness and environmental conservation. I really wanted to tie these passions into our business and felt it necessary to change the company to reflect this. That in a nutshell is how Woodstar Energy came to being. Woodstar Energy is a provider of construction services for home remodeling and renewable energy, catering to residential and commercial customers. We strive to use environmentally friendly practices coupled with energy efficient products as a stand means of operation. We specialize in energy efficient remodeling, renewal energy production and backup power solutions.At Woodstar Energy, we pride ourselves in providing superior customer service. Our ongoing goal is to provide solutions that truly fit your needs. While we offer many turnkey services, we also look forward to taking on custom tailored projects that require some outside of the box thinking.