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Windy City Power, LLC

Windy City Power, LLC
600 N 1st Bank Dr.suite A
palatine, IL 60067
United States


42.121363, -88.036128

Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
KW's Installed 0
Market Residential Properties

Windy City Power is an Illinois LLC headquartered at 600 N 1st Bank Drive/ Palatine, Illinois 60067. The Company does business as Windy City Green Power. Determining the productive use of small wind turbines requires a wind and site assessment and/or a met tower.  Murray and Trettel, Inc. (d/b/a Weather Command) is one of the oldest and most respected meteorological consulting firms in the nation. Tom Piazza is the President and Chief Meteorologist for Murray and Trettel and he is also the CFO of Windy City Power, LLC. 

WCP has the exclusive license on a patent-pending portable base for wind turbines such as the Sky Stream 3.7. This portable wind turbine base allows unproductive land to be used productively until another purpose for the land presents itself.  This allows flexible land use for landfills, brownfields, corporate campuses, mining operations, etc. The portable turbine base is fabricated from coal ash.  Electricity production in the US generates nearly 130 million tons of coal ash annually which go to over 600 dump sites nationwide.WCP is an authorized dealer in SkyStream wind turbines. WCP's principles have the skills and experience to plan and install small wind farms for its clients....President Daniel Cummane has 25 years' experience in the commercial construction industry with responsibility for scheduling and overseeing many projects over $10 million. He is also certified for installation and maintenance of Skystream 3.7 turbines....Vice President and CFO Tom Piazza’s has business experience combined with knowledge as a Certified Consulting Meteorologist with 34 years of experience in the commercial weather consulting profession. Tom understands wind and knows how to conduct the necessary feasibility and wind studies....Vice President Victoria Wright is a former broadcast sales executive, now an attorney and writer, with strong ties to the Midwest. She brings analytical, marketing, writing and legal skills to the team.