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NorthShore Solar

NorthShore Solar, LLC
1233 Hartrey Avenue
Evanston, IL 60202
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Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV, Solar Hot Water Thermal, solar pool heating
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Market Residential Properties, Commercial Properties

NorthShore Solar delivers end-to-end thermal solutions for residential, commercial, municipal and multi-family clients. From initial consultation, through system design, culminating in system installation, we are committed to your project's success.  Our process begins with a thorough solar thermal analysis to determine which solar hot water heating products are right for your home or property. We offer SunMaxx Solar prepackaged solar hot water kits or complete array of SunMaxx Solar component parts. No matter how large or small the project, NorthShore Solar can design and install a solar system that will meet you exact needs. Our proposals will clearly illustrate each system's design and estimated performance, and will include all applicable costs and incentives.

The final and most important step is the actual installation of your SunMaxx Solar system. Our installation team is SunMaxx Solar certified and thoroughly trained in the intricacies of every component part. Because we are an authorized SunMaxx dealer/installer, we know SunMaxx system components better than anyone else and understand how best to balance these components in order to achieve maximum energy output. The following FAQ provides a helpful overview and defines some key industry specific terms that might be unfamiliar. NorthShore Solar offers a full line of SunMaxx solar hot water products. These products are widely used to provide hot water, space heating and pool, spa and hot tub heating in a variety of residential, commercial, municipal and multi-family settings. SunMaxx systems are engineered to work year-round in any climate, making SunMaxx solar products the right choice for home and businesses owners in every part of the country.