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Let us custom design the correct system to fit your needs, Commercial, Residential or Utility ScaleGreen Guy Solutions has provided photovoltaic solar photovoltaic (PV), solar attic ventilation, electric car charging stations,energy efficient lighting and energy efficient solutions for clients in a wide variety of categories including medical office buildings, warehouse facilities, schools, churches, gas stations, automotive companies, automobile dealerships, manufacturing facilities, and many residences.

Higher fuel cost, inflation, carbon tax, seasonal pricing and many other variables are out of your control, and will continually cost you more as time goes on. Federal and State tax credits, in tandem with attractive local power rebates and power buy back agreements, make solar a great solution for home and business owners to save on energy costs. Whether you are interested in solar panels to charge your electric vehicle or to offset your home or business energy usage, Solar Energy USA has the affordable soar solution for you.Being in the Renewable Energy field for many years we have partnered with other companies with such technologies as Geothermal, Solar Thermal, Wind Energy and Professional Energy Audits. These technologies all compliment each other and have other high quality companies which we could recommend for your needs.