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Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
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Market Residential Properties, Commercial Properties
At CIC Energy Consulting, LLC our belief is that in order for energy services and renewable energy projects to be actionable for our Clients, the financial returns must justify the resources deployed and capital invested. CIC Energy Consulting is a Chicago based management consulting, technology services, lighting services, solar, and licensed and bonded general contractor providing enterprise based Outsourced Energy Management (OEM) and Resource Efficiency Management (REM) solutions to municipal government, and institutional asset managers. In today's global economic marketplace, we recognize the need for low cost energy sources to spur economic growth and remain competitive. We further recognize the tremendous budgetary, economic, and social impact that will inevitably result from dependence on conventional fuel generation and the need to mitigate such risks. With a deep understanding of underlying public policy, regulations, industry investment hurdle rates, market barriers, and competing political and socioeconomic interests, we design and implement market-based program solutions that align these stakeholders' interests and most importantly deliver measurable results. To date, CIC Energy Consulting has been involved in the development, audit, consultation, design and/or implementation of energy efficiency initiatives 300+ facilities spanning over 25 million Sq. Ft and has secured economic incentives totaling over $12 million on behalf of our Clients.