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Now owning a PV system can provide you with several financial benefits. It adds value to your home, you avoid paying for electricity since you now generate your own and above all, the new tax laws provide for much of the system being paid for by the state and federal government. The state will give you up to $5,000 back and the feds will give back 30% of the cost, with no maximum on size.

For example a $40,000 system will allow you to receive back $5,000 from the state and $12,000 from the Feds on your tax returns. That means you get $17,000 off of $40,000 so you only have to pay $23,000. This system generates enough power that would avoid $450 in electrical bills. Sort of like a $23,000 car loan with a payment of $450 per month where the $450 comes from the sun! There is simply no investment you can make that provides this sort of self sustained payback and just like a car payment, once it is paid off, you now own the product. It gets even better. Every time the cost of electricity goes up, you benefit even more or better said, you do not suffer or pay more as gas prices increase. Think about that!

Expert Design & Supervision

All of our PV system designs are made by a NABCEP Certified PV Installer. NABCEP Certified Installers have the most training and experience available in the PV industry today. When dealing with certified installers, you are assured of the most knowledgeable persons who will design and install the best possible system with integrity, value and honesty as personal hallmarks. PV Systems will last for over 25 years and the design should be the best possible. Always insist on NABCEP individuals to design and install your PV system.