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Southern SunPower

Southern SunPower
704 Cowboy Trail
Ellijay, GA 30541
United States


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Located in north Georgia, Southern SunPower is a private business owned by managing partners, Mike Card and Christi Card. On this page, we describe why we started the company, and our commitment to helping you save with solar energy.

In 1999 we started researching and famliarizing ourselves with renewable energy. The technology was very expensive at that time, and because there were no incentives to offset the cost, we did not invest. But we kept watch.
By 2008, the country was facing concerns about the economy and the environment. Our children were leaving the nest and we wondered what type of world they would live in once we were gone, since we have seen how rapidly and severely people can impact the environment in a relatively short time (we have lived in rural and worked in urban environments most of our lives). Our priorities were changing and we were simply taking a different look at our future, including our retirement, which would mean living on some sort of fixed income.
trainingelectrical2Co-owner Christi Card getting hands on training in Colorado
Like many others, when the recession hit in 2008, our retirement investments lost much of their value. Many Americans who never thought they would be struggling to make ends meet were suddenly doing just that. People could no longer count on things they had previously taken for granted, including a job, a home, or a solid retirement account. And as more people around the planet are continuing to use more energy, the traditional fossil fuels (e.g., oil, petroleum, natural gas) we have come to depend on will become more scarce and expensive. Even without a crisis, we needed a strategy to help us plan for the future. So in 2008, after more than ten years of research and learning, we decided to go solar. To learn the craft, we worked with some of the most credible solar organizations and installers in the industry, and soon became one of them ourselves. Once Mike completed his NABCEP (National Association of Board Certified Energy Practitioners) training in Washington state and Colorado, we designed, engineered, and installed our own solar energy systems.