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SolarSunWorld - 65

SolarSunWorld - 65
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Market Residential Properties

Solar Sun World is leading the way in providing custom Solar Energy Solutions for Commercial and Residential applications. Specializing in both Solar Thermal and Photo Voltaic systems, we have the right solution to meet your energy need. Combining the newest and best Solar Technologies with Solar experts ensures your solution exceeds expectations.

We are a systems integrator and offer only high-quality products. With over 15 year installation experience in the European Market, we now bring this expertise and knowledge to the Southeast of the United States. The system components that we use have been tested and approved by a national testing lab. We are one of the few national certified installers for Photo Voltaic and Solar Thermal Systems, which is necessary to receive your State and Federal Tax credits. Since 2006 we have installed numerous Solar Thermal and Solar PV systems in the Southeast. Solar Sun World is operated by a very experienced Management Team who's focus is you, the customer. Solar Sun World has a variety of solutions to meet the specific energy needs of your home or business. The best part about Solar Energy Solutions is that while you are reducing your energy bills you are also helping the environment. Solar Thermal Systems can be used to for hot water, space heating and to heat your pool. Did you know that on average 30% of residential energy is spent heating water. A solar thermal system is an excellent way to reduce you energy costs. Solar Thermal Solutions are not limited to residential applications, we have installed numerous solar thermal solutions for commercial clients. Photo Voltaic Systems are great way to reduce your electricity bill. The right system can reduce your bill by over 80%.