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The Largest Solar Energy Generator in Chatham County will go operational within a few weeks I will have time for your installation in 2013. Happy New Year!The best way to get started, this system produces 3.5 kilowatts of power for each hour the sun is up on a clear day. Here in the sunny south we can expect to see 268 day of clear sky. In the winter time we get about 5 hours of sun a day with 10 hours in the summer. So, this system could generates as much as 1825 KWH per year from a 3.5 KWH system.

The most important part is the production in the peak hours of the summer when energy cost are at their highest price. Summer peak rates can be 20 to 35 cents per KWH depending on your energy supplier. Installation only takes 1 business week with no interruption of power. Installations vary by design, and systems can be installed on the ground, on poles or on a building. Upfront cost is $9,999.00 installed.  Tax credit is $6500 for residential. Your Federal Tax Credit will be $3000.00 and the State Tax Credit will be $3500.00 Reducing your cost to just $3500.00. Your savings on your electric bill will vary by use, but this system should cover 30% of your cost from the first day residential, with returns of $900.00 per year.  Your return on the investment is 5 years or less for full payback. The rest of the system's power generation life is yours for free. Solar power also adds 130% value to your home building, making the installation of photovoltaic the best return for your remodeling dollar.