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A&B Green Energy, LLC Visit 5105 Paulsen Street Suite 240-C
A&B Green Energy, LLC Visit 5105 Paulsen Street Suite 240-C Savannah, AL 31405
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Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv, wind power
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residential properties

Any municipality and non-profit can benefit from the decrease of costs of renewable energy. At A&B we have found a combination of private investors, federally insured bonds, and lease to own options that we can tailor to your individual energy requirements. Be it a 100KW hybrid system or a 1MW roof mounted PV (solar panel) system, we can drastically lower your energy expenditures while at the same time locking in today’s electric rates for at least 25 years. Our goal is to drastically lower our customers long term electric costs through innovative financing and long term warranties to ensure substantial energy production. Be it a church, foundation, high school, or police station the amount of savings through an investment in renewable energy can cut teacher furlong days, increase the size of the police force, or pay for an expansion of a church.

Georgia is actually Top 5 for states with the greatest potential for solar energy production. In order to benefit from going solar you need to have a location that is completely unshaded, which has full access to the sun's rays.  If you meet that requirement then you are one step closer to taking money off your power bill and putting it back in your own pocket.Right now is the perfect time go green!  Due to the government trying to move away from coal and other pollutants, they are helping people migrate over to renewable energies such as solar.  They are pushing it so hard, that right now there is a 30% Federal Tax Credit for anyone who decides to go green with solar.  On top of that Georgia also has a 35% State Tax Credit as well.  That's 65% off of the entire cost for purchasing and installing solar panels on your house or business!  You don't have to be a genius to realize that is a huge amount of savings. ​​Due to these credits and the ever dropping cost for panels, it's not uncommon to have a complete system payoff of 5 years or less. And, since solar panels last on average 30+ years, that means you can count on 25+ years of free, renewable, clean energy that you produced yourself instead of paying those ridiculously high electric bills we're all use to.  The only down side to these credits is that they won't last forever.  Take a look at our Rebates page for a more in-depth look into these savings.