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Super Solar Systems provides sales, design and installation of Photo-Voltaic and Thermal Energy Systems. Serving all of Southwest Florida, from Sarasota to Naples. Our mission is to serve our community and our planet by offering a sustainable carbon free alternative for your energy needs

The grid tie solar panel systems with battery backup are similar to batteryless systems, except they can additionally provide electricity for critical loads in case of a utility power failure. When sun is shining, the solar panels generate power, which reduces the consumption of electricity from the grid and cuts electric bills accordingly. If this power is not enough for your home, the required balance is automatically provided by the utility. If the solar panel system generates more electricity than your house is using, it will feed the excess back to the grid after the batteries are fully charged, and may spin your electric meter backwards. Our mission is to serve our community and our planet by providing a Sustainable Carbon Free Alternative for your energy needs. Did you know, that if you took a home equity line of credit to install solar, and thermal solar energy, your payment would be the same for 15 yrs, and the payment you would make would be less than the electric bill you are now paying? So, you have locked in your energy costs from now on….it’s an investment that pays for us all.