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I wanted to write and thank you for the correction of the shipping error made on the heat cool unit I purchased.  When I first realized I had received the wrong product and had  it installed I was certain I was in for a huge battle and financial heartbreak.

When I called and explained the issue not only was the rep quick to respond, but to my huge relief, she was ready to take responsibility for the shipping error and suggested solutions to the problem that would not just resolve the issue but add no financial burden to me. Your wonderful customer service has given me hope that not all companies are ready and able to cut the customers legs off at the first sign of trouble.  I can't say my attitude to mankind has improved but you have certainly helped in my optimism that not all companies will run for the hills given the chance.

Thank you again. We absolutely love the unit and its capabilities of keeping our pool comfortable throughout the now extended swimming season.

Very sincerely yours, Patricia Bailey Dallas TX  - August 9, 2009


It was extremely refreshing to find a company in South Florida who came out when they said they were going to come out, fixed the problem AND charged a reasonable fee. Kudos to you, Florida Pool Heating! Ryan Mand - Ft. Lauderdale FL