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Solar Water Heaters of Hudson

Solar Water Heaters of Hudson
18845 Sakera Road
Hudson, FL 34667
United States


28.4321133, -82.6116485

Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV, Solar Hot Water Thermal, solar pool heating
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Market Residential Properties

Solar Water Heaters of Hudson started in business in 1979. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and we’ve been providing solar sales, service and installation for the nature coast area for over 30 years. As a small, local solar company, our goal is to provide people with reliable, dependable solar heating systems and with most of our solar system lasting in excess of 15 years, it means that your investment has the best quality offered in today’s solar market and that it is cost effective.

In 1983 we installed our first solar pool heating system using the Heliocol brand panel, and we have carried the product ever since. It has proven to be more than reliable and roof friendly.Heliocol is the only pool heating collector in the world that at  installation, it literally uses about 30-40% less penetrations to the roof line thus causing the least amount of stress on the roof. Also our panel mounting hardware: (The Gator Clamp) allow us to virtually only attached the collectors to solid wood under the roof line, by doing this we achieved a sturdy and wind tolerable system in excess of 140mph.Our Solar energy program is specifically designed to meet everyone needs as individuals. Whether  you are looking to extend your swimming season to get more enjoyment out of your pool, or looking to save energy by going with one of our state of the art solar  hot water units; we’ve got the right product for you. Solar Water Heaters of Hudson is kind of unique and has stepped away from the crowd when it comes to fitting it’s clients with the right solar product. When you call us for an free estimate we come to your home and explain all what our company is about, we listen to you and your solar needs and, at no time, we use high pressure sales tactics to make you buy our product. We believe that solar sells for it self, and technically all we have to do is help you understand why you should choose us over anyone else.