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SOLAR-RAY, Inc. was founded on the simple principal of providing the best service and best product available. Only SOLAR-RAY, Inc. has the experience and expertise to provide systems that often outperform rated power. All systems installed are fully permitted and passed final inspections.

100% customer satisfaction. Commercial or residential, straight grid tied systems, grid tied systems with UPS systems, stand alone AC and DC systems. Active and influential in local, State and National policy regarding renewable energy. The founder and owner of SOLAR-RAY, Inc., Michael Brown has qualified and received the nationally recognized NABCEP Certification for Photovoltaic’s in the State of Florida. FSEC Certified systems designed to work as single units or multiple applications.

We are committed to superior customer service and the important goal of offering the best PV equipment available at the lowest price possible. We only supply systems approved by the Florida Solar Energy Center and assist our customers in finding local, licensed and experience electrical contractors for the most technically-sound installations.

SOLAR-RAY Inc., believes energy efficiency is an important aspect to a successful solar power program. Undoubtedly, it is this area that Americans can make the largest impact toward a more sustainable energy future. There are many simple and cost-effective measures that can be taken to use less energy with little or no affect on current lifestyles. Combined with a well-designed solar-electric system, it can bring you that much closer to a zero-carbon footprint.

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